Useful Self Esteem and Self Confidence Links

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Here is a list of useful links with more self esteem articles, self esteem associations and mental health resources and research.
The National Association For Self Esteem (USA). The National Association for Self-Esteem, NASE, is a membership-driven, non-profit organization.
The Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia has a great multi-authored definition of self esteem. It's mostly accurate, but there are a couple of areas I am inclined to disagree with. You can decide for yourself!
Take a quick Self Esteem Test at Queendom - and while you are there, check out the vast range pf personal assessment tools they have.
A really nicely summed up description of self esteem and its origins from the University Of Texas. Short and sweet and worth printing out ... and much better than Wikipedia!
National Mental Health Association is the the USA's oldest and largest nonprofit organization - but even if you aren't from the USA, you'll find a lot of generally useful information.

Further resources
Probably the biggest collection of self help articles and self improvement resources you'll find on the internet!

Yet another great resource site - similar to with lots of helpful, categorized links. Has a free happiness ebook.

You can find tons of free self help information, including articles from me and from other self help experts at:

Try this huge range of self help resources at the ABCs of Personal Growth
E-IQ Test, Personality Tests

Inspiring self help resources for your Happiness, Health & Prosperity.
Over 1,000 free self help personal development articles, self help books and resources to Motivate, empower and educate you on How to Live a Life you Love.
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